April Reflections from #SylLit

Other than the odd weather messing with my garden and growing schedule, the literary life has been constantly growing.

Got through the dreaded taxes and trying to write more, but that means neglecting a lot of posting.

Spring Lane, Washbrook
Spring Lane, Washbrook by Adrian Cable is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

1) literary life – still WiP of Delilah’s Desire

I’ll be adding to companionship story list so make sure you’re following this month to see who’s connected in this book. Also I’m laying out the next blog story of Dag’s brother Diedrick, so please subscribe to this website so you can get in early pricing for the story and the ebook once it’s done.
A crown every day all thanks to my Sneakreaders. Thank you so much

2) publishing – not much on forefront. I worked on the new cover of La Revanche des Trois. I learned from author, Tana Jenkins how to change the pricing on the book on Amazon to free and it’s been getting great downloads on there and on Apple https://amzn.to/3oXrUlp

3) Marketing is up for She Works Hard for the Money. I still need reviews so if you read Beck please leave a review on Amazon or check out the main book page sylviahubbard.com/sheworkshardforthemoney

I went to IRAE again this year and the turn out and support for the authors was amazing.

Thank you so much. I hope to bring book boxes and more next year plus to my upcoming evens I’m updating my preorder page so I can offer more to my readers. LMK what you like.

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