Check out this AMAZING interview from @SylviaHubbard1 appearance on my podcast. #authorinterview #syllit #marketingtips #lifelessons #personaltruths #writerslife #Jofara

From Chris Lee host of Jofara said, “This author shared some personal truths as well as some marketing tips for authors.”

2 Minutes of Motivation: Consistency Chris Lee's JoFARA Podcast

Learn the value of consistency for your reputation, your career and your mental health.
  1. 2 Minutes of Motivation: Consistency
  2. Who Wins When We Play the Blame Game?
  3. When Old Emotional Wounds Resurface (Ep. 25)
  4. Lessons Learned from MLMs (Ep. 24)
  5. A Lesson in Respect (Ep. 23)

Speaking your truths and letting people know what happened when you were at your lowest is the hardest, but I show how my mess has become my message and I hope to help others with my story.

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