#WritersLife May 2022 Goals #syllit

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I’m doing this because I’m apart of a Kindle Vella private group with writers who post their goals every month. It’s becoming a great way to stay on track so here go

My May goals for kindle vella

20 new readers in kindle vella
At least $100 in royalties in kindle vella
500 unlocked episodes in kindle vella
Finished current vella of Her Substitute Husband

Since I’m taking a break from writing after I finished I’ll just be working on promotions for my vellas and my new release She Works Hard for the Money

My May goals for my writing

Get Eve’s Deception Finished and posted

Work on Short story for Marius and Anje (characters from Her Substitute Husband)

Finished up Part 3 of Essence’s Divinity

There’s just this problem with sitting my butt down in a chair and doing so, but I’m working on it. I swear

My May promotion goals

Do a Get Caught Reading Month promo for my marketing and in the group

Promote the short story month

Push out my may content calendar

So late on these but that’s what I’m working on today

What are your literary goals?

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