Writing through Loss … #writerslife #syllit #encouragement

I’ve gone through a lot of loss in my life.

Three major events (two and three are kinda squished together because they happened almost near the same time)

Through it all I had to adjust my soul and my love for my writing

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Recently, I found out a close writing friend died. She was apart of our #VellaDiva Group. Yvonne Hooks.

We had talks on FB Messenger and I enjoyed her graphics. She was amazing for her age and as always we think everything is going to keep going… forever.

Sadly, Ms. Yvonne passed away quietly suddenly last week and I was at a loss for words because I just watched her on a video talking about her book not to long before that so I was shook.

She was a beautiful soul. Encouraging, lovely with a zest for learning new things and exploring new stories for readers. I loved that! Her passion was infectious.


Writing about loss while writing is hard because it sounds cruel that you keep writing despite the hard emotional hit to your soul.

Losing Ms. Yvonne took me back when my mom died and my bff died three weeks later and the changes I’ve gone through since then to now and how I handle loss and my writing at the same time. I spoke with another author, @LaShaunda Hoffman saying “I feel you about resting.”

After my mom and BFF died I rested a lot. It was so hard to focus and get back on the horse.

But I felt so restless and in agony in terms of sleeping, eating, or doing anything.

You see when writing is like breathing, it’s hard not to do it despite what’s going on. It’s like you have to do it or you’ll go crazy.

I realized I could grieve and write and use the energy to write better.

And once I did start again, things in my head, heart and soul seem to get back in order.

It was a strange feeling but I did feel a little guilty except when I realized it would have been what my mother and BFF wanted.

And I feel this would be what the beautiful soul Yvonne would have wanted.

I was blessed to know her and I send my heart felt condolences to her family.

I do hope when I pass some people will write about me, mention me in passing or even say thanks for being in my life.

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