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When a Christian Woman’s Past Catches up to her

& she decides One more Sin Won’t Matter

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Seeking penance for the heavy guilt tormenting her soul, Zion Rose Smith turns to the church and blocks away the past so she may move on. Trying to stay a good girl, stick to high morals and values, she finds herself deep in debt and desperate for anything to help her get her out of her financial rut.

As she works on the dark side to save money, she crosses path with her past & Brock Styles wants revenge anyway he can get it.

Angered he was kept from what was his, he gets his revenge however he can. It was no mistake he crossed paths with Zion, but he didn’t expect the feel of her body against his to open up the gates of heaven in his soul.

Knowing it’s ten times wrong, Zion allows Brock his revenge with her body, and swears to never see him again because something that feels that good has got to be all kinds of wrong.

From the dark side of The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard, read this 7000 word short story that will certainly keep you glue to the pages.

Trigger warning, Family Secrets, Erotic nature

Initially drafted for the EyeCU BookClub FB Group for Freestyle Friday.

Thank you for the inspiration

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