1st of Month on @amazon #kindlevella is stressful: No crown–>Fave rank #126 and now #83. The journey of my WiP: Her Substitute Husband… His Boss

I should be used to the first of the month on Amazon Kindle Vella, but I’m not. It’s tough bec ause you spend all month trying to get ranked to the first page and then by the beginning of the month EVERYTHING RESETS.

I understand THIS but I don’t understand the frustration I have with getting my episodes posted.

According to the dashboard, I have two live episdoes

But when I look at the site it’s saying only 63. That’s been going on for two days as well. I finally put in a service ticket and I’m trying to patiently wait.

This morning I woke up to the 2nd day in a row with no crown. I was super sad, but I tried to go through the challenges that I had.

By Nine am, after wearing the f5 button out, I got a crown

And then by 3pm I was up some more, but not where I wasn’t to be. First page is my goal but at this point I’ll be glad to get back on the 2nd page again.

How can you help?

Like I say in all my author notes:

LIKE every episode – even go back and make sure you liked each one. That really helps

SHARE with a reading buddy or group and encourage people to FOLLOW . Remind them the first three chapters are free.

Here’s the link for you to share: https://amzn.to/3Kfn9sX

FAVE if you got them. I need as many as possibly EVERY WEEK. When you buy tokens you get a chance every week of faving someone. It’s like running for class president and I’m begging for your vote. YES BEGGING.

I’d appreciate the support to my literary endeavors.

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