Episode 9 posted for her substitute husband… author’s note and comments

Yes, this is a late doosey, but I’m glad I took my time before posting it. I think this is where the new normal is starting for them or the acceptance to go on the journey, you could say.

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Companionship books you can catch up on is: Emperor’s Addiction & Emperor’s Heart and if you’re an old reader, I got a surprise character showing up… and yes, IT’S A HEART! BOO-YAH

Episode 9 should be posting soon. My fingers were exhausted from typing over 7000 words over the course of two days this weekend. They are still sore, but I did win my Nanowrimo (I’ll show my badge later).
This girl’s brain is tired, but I got this writer’s energy pulsing up in me because someone showed up in the story you guys haven’t heard from in a while.
Mannnn! The new readers are going to have a doozie but you older ones will come at me hard. I just know, but I had to bring it. No other choice to keep Zigmund in line.

Our favorite “I’mma fug things up before it gets better” character

Can you guess?
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Appreciate you! https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B09KL8BG5L

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