Chapter 22 of She works hard for the money Posting soon. Author updates and Beck got fans talking! Amazon kindle Vella serialized #livestory #sylLit #grammarly What I’ve learned

Got my first stalker. I shouldn’t enjoy it but it really gave me life. Soon as I’m posting people are reading, so that makes me happy. I’m happy about the money I’m making. It’s pennies, but by the time it’s over I should hopefully make a nice profit per reader.

I’ll keep you updated on my Amazon Kindle Vella experience. If you’re unfamiliar with the Amazon Kindle Vella this is a little bit about it. If you’re ready to read and meet Beck & Renna, start reading now by clicking here:

What I’ve learned about doing serialized novels over the years

  • Format your chapters/episodes so it leaves the reader wanting more – More digital, you really don’t want to go over the 1500 (on the website) or 3000 (on Amazon Kindle Vella). You have to think about reader fatigue and depending on how they have their electronic device set up it could make them miss good parts of the story if their eyes are too tired.
  • Author notes, comments and so forth are very important. This isn’t just a story. It’s an immersive experience for the writer and the reader. Meaning at the same time readers are reading they are interacting with the writer and that makes the experience fun. I mean that’s the whole point – otherwise they could wait for the book to be done and just buy the book when it’s done.
  • Stay ahead of the game. While the readers are gushing about chapter 10 the writer really should be in chapter 30. You want to give yourself leeway but not finish it all the way to make sure you incorporate some readers suggestions to make it fun for them as well. I’ve tossed a reader name in, placed a false path of plot from a reader’s suggestion and even changed it so the readers could have a wedding. (In that story they really wanted it so I worked it out).
  • If you got back catalog, use characters from there instead making up new characters. Since this is a very involved project, the writer will have very little time to promote and market other books, but throwing other books into the story does help keep your back catalog alive and relevant and readers are known to go get those books while they are waiting for the next chapter/episode to come along.
  • I really do try to post two to four chapter/episodes a week until we get to the SHTF moment. It keeps the reader hooked to come back and wanting for more. Since I’m a forty book chapter writer – usually in that range, I’m known to move the story along very fast and keep it going until the SHTF moment.
  • Encourage discussion and respond to everything. Often thank the readers and even suggest what they do. Hey can you like fave, share this story. Readers are so charged after your amazing writing they would like to do what they can to help you out.. well, most of them.
  • Show behind the scenes. Give them a taste of what’s going on and what you’re researching. For instance, this is my Grammarly screen. I can use this to show the reader what I’m working on and how far along I’m in. It can be part of the author’s notes, posted in Facebook reader groups or even on other social media.

Chapter 22 should be posting very soon and we should be posting of course three more chapters this week. I’m sorry, I meant episodes.

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