the days it hurts but i still write… #writerslife

today i woke and my hands felt like i had been punching bricks in my sleep. Around the corner was a migraine

i needed to put more of She works hard for the money on paper but my fingers cried like a two year old in pain.

i felt like a reverse r kelly song

my body is telling me no

but my mind is telling me yes

picking up the laptop is an effort even though it only weighs about three pounds.

i can feel the bones in my fingers just wailing, screaming at me to stop, but i don’t.

When i opened up the laptop my eyes are protesting at the light even though i have the screen at the dimmest settings and there’s a blue filter on my glasses.

i put my fingers on the keyboard and i write. sometimes i close my eyes because the fatigue is overwhelming but that don’t stop my inspiration

my character Beck has something to say and nothing is going to stop him.

not me

not the pain

not anyone

three hours later, i’m still writing

the pain is still there, but i don’t feel that

i got braingasms shooting off like rockets and dulling the current pain.

the only reason i take a break is that my mommy bladder is making phone calls and i terrified if i stand up everything is going to leak right out.

so i have to tell Beck 3500 words is enough for today

reluctantly he’s okay with this and i close the laptop

i can now use the bathroom, take some drugs, get something to eat and then take a nap. i might talk to Beck again later on today, no matter how i feel

Read more about Beck and Renna in She Works Hard for The Money on Amazon Vella.

Release in mid July of 2021

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