My 1st post-pandemic Lit Event and Writing While Traveling #irae

ignore the horrible face, but the video is great

The Interracial Author’s Expo from April 28 to April 30th was amazing.

I initially wanted to go in 2019 but I had a conflicting event, so I was determined to go to in 2020

But you know how that went

2021 comes and we (Hubby and I) and I just had to get going somewhere that would give us a write off vacation.


It also gave me a great time to write on Beck … I’ll talk about that in a moment

In this video, I’ll talk about the set up, safety and the wonderfulness about being around readers.

Plus fangirling around authors who were there. These were the list but not all were there, but honored.

  • Kassanna
  • Ancelli
  • LaVerne Thompson / Ursula Sinclair
  • King Ellie
  • Reana Malori
  • Olivia Gaines
  • JanJan Untamed
  • Dahlia Rose
  • Michel Prince
  • Bridget Midway / Crystal Bright
  • Hadley Raydeen
  • Siera London
  • B. D. Anderson
  • Francesca Penn
  • Author V. Vee
  • Xyla Turner
  • Heather Rae Brassart
  • Keta Kendric
  • Kenya Wright
  • Brooklyn Knight
  • Tiana LAveen
  • Zena Wynn
  • Siren Allen
  • Phoenix Daniels
  • Eve Vaughn
  • Shara Azod
  • Lolah Lace
  • Shani G. Dowdell
  • Jeanie & Jayha
  • Sage Young
  • Auriella Skye
  • Author AC Vazquez
  • Afton Locke
  • L. Loren
  • Lynn Chantale
  • Sylvia Hubbard-Hutula
  • S.K. Lessly

I’m going to tell you.

I do want you to check out my fellow authors. Mad respect for all of them.

Special thanks to Oliva Gaines for being the most nurturing new conference pal EVAH and who gave me a dress for the white party cause sista girl didn’t have one.

The #IRAE2022 is coming

Register now! I hope to see you there!

Also while traveling we got to work on Beck or the title better known as She Works Hard For the Money.

This is my Amazon Vella work and it’s panning out great.

Plus, it’s straight romance / erotica so it’s going faster than normal

I’ve learned to use the Google Notes on my phone because it was just faster to write than getting out my Kindle or using the wireless keyboard.

I was able to knock out 7000 words in three days of traveling and then even during the event I pushed 2000 more on my kindle.

Good job, Sylvia

More to come.

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