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My father taught us how to read early and we mentally ate up Dr. Seuss spending long hours at the library while my mother studied for one of her Bachelors.

I used to gather every Dr. Seuss I hadn’t read and tried to read as many as possible before we had to read and then re-read them because I wanted to memorize them once we got home.

Dr. Seuss to me was out there. He went to the farthese regions of the imagination and brought home lessons learned and broke down complex problems so a girl like me being so young could understand.

I dreamed of when I grow up reading possibly adult versions of Dr. Seuss and just figured these were how books were supposed to be written. In rhymes and stances that to me at the time made all the sense in the world. I wondered why adults weren’t more happier because Dr. Seuss books made everyone happy right?

I concluded adults weren’t reading Dr. Seuss books.

Dr. Seuss justified my difference and oddity even if the world didn’t. Reading his books made me feel normal and that I could handle things

Dr. Seuss gave me the power not to live in the world, but have the world live around me. I didn’t want to be different, I WAS DIFFERENT and there was nothing wrong with that. There was nothing wrong with me and I’m glad I had Dr. Seuss in my life early.

Adult Self-Help Books by Dr. Seuss - Comediva
not a real book but the possibility?

I didn’t know at the time there wasn’t an adult version of Dr. Seuss but through his “preachings” I learned a lot about becoming an adult and being an adult

I’d already developed the love for reading, but my knowledged that silly adults didn’t read possibly contributed to my dedication of adhearing to Dr. Seuss teachings. How could you not carry this philosophy with you every day?

It’s a matter of living and being happy. Why wouldn’t you want to be?

Reading is important. He knew that. I know that and I hope others do. I want to leave a legacy of reading to all. Infect others with a reading addiction that they will not want to cure.

I want to help adults see themselves like Dr. Seuss helped me see myself. And to assure them that we all can find our HEA if we love ourselves.

I hope my books will help other adults learn about life lessons, love and knowing the choices we made weren’t mistakes. When readers pick up my books I hope they walk away knowing they have a chance to go away with me and come back changed… better.

Thank you Dr. Seuss.

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  1. You’re making me want to reread Dr. Seuss books! Yes, he was gifted at breaking down complex topics in ways that young children can understand.

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