Essence’s Divinity Work in Progress Update – What I’m Writing – #WiP #SylLit #fridayreads

I’m having fun

And that’s what’s important. I didn’t think i could have fun anymore.

lat year was hard. It’s still hard, but for the first time in a long timeI’m having fun and taking my time with a story, but giving myself goals and deadlines.

I’m looking forward to getting things done.

I hit 40,000 words by the end of January on a book I’ve been writing since the beginning of tthe year and I’m feelign good about this. Just tryng to still get Osirus out the coma. It’s really hard to bebelievable, sexy, weird and suspenseful.

But it’s working.

Like I said, I’m enjoying myself and that’s what I love about this whole thing.

More to come.

Have you read the sneak peak yet?

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