5th day after Christmas my favorite Author gave to me: #SylLit Serials and initial Standalones companion books #7DaysAfterChristmas #bookpromo Grab #romancesuspense #notyourmommasromance #Getaddicted til Jan1st 🎄💗

See all books by this author | author bio | WIP

Until January 1st, #Smashwords has their end of the year sale and YOU get a reward!

All Series, whether stand alone or serial, will be FREE

Emperor’s Addiction: Heart of Detroit Series


His Substitute Wife… My Sister Book One


Dark Facade (Book One)


Mistaken Identity


Stealing Innocence I


See all books by this author | author bio | WIP

Missed a Day, go to sylviahubbard.com/7DaysAfterChristmas-2020

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