#tbt Throwback Post from #SylLit World: Five Things You didn’t know about me…

This was originally posted May 10th in 2006.


Today I was in one of my writing groups online and this question was posed. I decided to share with you too:

when I was four i wanted to grow up to be a fire truck and when I was six i wanted to grow up and be a cow. My mother never dissuaded me. She encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to.

i write better when I have a severe migraine

i was going to be a lawyer but the LSAT’s intimidated me.

i talk to myself out loud for no reason at all and then answer back like I’m talking to another person.

i really really hate scales since giving birth to my daughter five years ago. LOL.

Now I would like to know five things about my readers. Post in the comments.


  1. Now that i’m all grown I realized I did become a cow and a fire truck when I became a mom. I breastfed my kids and when they got older, I sounded like a fire truck in my constant yelling at them
  2. I still write better when I have a severe migraine, but I don’t have them as much because I’ve learned to regulate my diet and can actually predict when i’ll have one so I can deflect it. It’s helped me to participate in life more, and I’m actually able to think more about plotting out books better.
  3. I kinda wish I had not been intimidated by the LSATs. I would have made an awesome lawyer
  4. I still talk to myself and answer back and there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. I still hate scales

Now what’s you’re five things?

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