#FAQ Reader Question: How Can I Buy Your Books? #sylLit #sneakreader #amreading

How Can I Buy Your Books?

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This was asked my someone who wasn’t a reader of mine, but had heard about me from someone else mentioning me and just reached right out on social media. I’ve looked in the past and I get this question a lot from new people who’ve never heard of me or even some who had read one book (most likely a freebie or a pirated book) and just want more

I’m always honored and appreciating new fans and love my enduring fans that’s stuck with me through decades of change and growth.

So I decided to post this answer on the website so I can have it in my FAQ listing. Here’s the answer I gave:


It does depend on which one. the majority of books are available on amazon at amazon.com/author/sylviahubbard and then I have exclusive content at gumroad.com/sylviahubbard1 and then there’s all the free ones throughout my website. here’s a listing of all the books I have out and will be coming out soon https://sylviahubbard.com/books. thank you in advance for helping my literary endeavors and please enjoy. Subscribe on my website for updates

Below is a list as of 01/01/2020 of all the books in the catalog. To print out your own list, right click here to save the image.


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