June Promotions for #SylLit | Mistaken Idenity Freebie, A bunch of books by authors freebie, Sweet Reader Treats and more! #bookpromo

Summer is here and we’re going to pop this June off with things readers will love.

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  1. Mistaken Identity III is FREE from June 1st through June 5th | 📚 Download, Review and Share #sylLit #urbanintrigue #medicalthriller https://wp.me/p8Zp8-oul
  2. Dark Romance: FIRE ME UP in June! #FreeBooks Giveaway Dedicated to the most of amazing and emotional sub-genre in romance https://wp.me/p8Zp8-osG
  3. Summer of Love via @prolific_works From June 1st to Sept 30th. Don’t just read anything to read this summer, turn up the heat! #freebooks #romance https://wp.me/p8Zp8-osS
  4. Live Story Author’s Note: Ending to get to the Beginning… #HeTouchedMe #DreamsOfReality #EmperorsAddiction-Heart #urbanintrigue #companionbooks #sylLit #Mondayblogs #romancesuspense https://wp.me/p8Zp8-ouq
  5. Episode #2 @ #SylLit – Mistaken Identity Chapter Two: #darkromance #urbanintrigue [podcast] https://wp.me/p8Zp8-oqj
  6. Adventure Giveaway – You can see the promo here >> https://www.litring.com/reading-adventure-giveaway/

And I don’t think this is a promotion but there are limited packages (18 of them) left, where Readers can order and get special treats with them.

With only 18 packages left I’m adding different reader treats. A personalized mirror, a mask bag & fans for summer orders. https://gumroad.com/l/ForbiddenFruit
Great gift for readers! #readerslove


I hope to update by the end of the month or before that for upcoming promotions for July.

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