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Smashwords began this special Authors Give Back sale March 20. It was originally scheduled to end this coming Monday, April 20. Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from participating authors, and the continued need of readers to access high-quality, affordably priced eBooks, Smashwords extending the sale through May 31.

Books are powerful. They hold the power to entertain, inspire, inform and heal. They offer safe harbor to readers in need of comfort, escape, hope, and a smile. With the calamitous economic impact and job losses associated with Covid-19, indie ebooks are are more appealing than ever to budget-minded readers.


Free Books Available

Love Like This – Black Family Series (Perm)

Mistaken Identity

La Ravanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Black Family Series (Perm)

Red Heart: Heart of Detroit Series

Cabin Fever: Heart of Detroit Series

Love 101 (Perm)

Diary of A. . .

Road To Freedom(Perm)

Dark Facade (Book One)

His Substitute Wife… My Sister Book One

Silent Lynx: Heart of Detroit Series(Perm)

Diamond In The Rough: Heart of Detroit Series (Perm)

Deceptive Nights

Stealing Innocence I

Discount Books Available

Hope Is Love – Black Family Series

Love 101: Mistaken Identity Part Deux

Wicked Chances

Stone’s Revenge

His Substitute Wife… My Sister Book Two


And to read any more of my books available at Smashwords, please check out the complete list at




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