It’s Sylvia, not Slyvia or Mrs. Hubbard, if ya nasty… #writerslife #respectforaname #msjackson #ravenous

Image result for respect for a nameI’ve gotten Saliva, Slyvia, Sealvie, Sylvie and so forth…

I’ve never had a nickname other than the name calling I’ve gotten from my sisters, bullies and classmates.

There are a couple of platonic guy friends that will call me Sylvie and my sister sometimes call me Syl as an endearment.

But there has always been something enchanting about hearing my name: Sylvia.

I realized how much I loved hearing my name respectfully out of someone’s lips.

Not the deep bellowed shouting my ex-husband used to do when he was irritated or drunk. That is not respect.

I was 35 when I heard someone say my name sweetly and kindly and it really brightened my day. Reminded me of the days of old when your friends called your name on the playground because they were happy to see you and now they could play and socialize.

It feels so good as an adult not to hear Mommy, Dear, Honey, Sweetheart, but my name.

I guess because I never had a real nickname, but hearing my name on someone’s lips really lights up my day.


My husband said it the other say. Called me from down the hallway and I peeked around the corner at him.

He said, “I just wanted to say I love you.”

Had me cheesing like a high school girl when her crush walks by. Needless to say we went way over the kissing quota that day.

And no I won’t be kissing you if you call my name or say you love me so don’t even try it.

I think that was my drive when I wrote Ravenous and Dorian Zane loved to hear his name being said. His full name. It was just exciting to yet exhausting to be in his head, but it was so fun and titillating.

Image result for respect for a nameI thought of this as I was looking at my analytics and I saw several times during a search a viewer into my site spelled my name wrong.

I’m grateful Google has picked up on this and still send them my way.

I guess I can say Google has respect on my name.

If you haven’t checked out Ravenous with Dorian Zane, please do so now

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