Frequently Ask Question: What order should I read your library? #sylLit #romancesuspense #FAQ

I’ve never stuck to a particular order for my works.

There are now over fifty stories available and unless it’s indication inside the book, you really don’t need  precursor to read any book unless it definitely says this is a sequel, or clearly states please make sure you have read such and such novel.

Mot of these are e-books because all paperback books, no mater how thick they can get are all one book.

If you’d like to know the reading order or need something in particular to make sure you read everything I’ve written, here is a list you can follow. Just click on the picture below for a larger picture and if you’d like this mailed to you, please fill out the form below. (not the comments! THE FORM)



The books not listed on here are :

Stealing Innocence III

Black’s Innocence 

List of the author’s books with links | About author


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