When I teach I want to make sure participants understand | Doing a Workshop as a Fiction Romance Author #MondayBlogs

Tired. I knew that day I was tired because I had done the #MotownWriters Holiday Party (see the album below) but I pressed on because I had people expecting their workshop.

That day I was teaching Blogging for Authors.

I don’t just teach it, I love for my participants to really understand the background of what they’re learning. You do what you do, but there is a why to all  of this. This background technical education is what makes people really see the whole picture.

As writers, we aren’t technical. I just happen to work in the IT industry and understand a lot about SEO and algorithms from my years of DIYing and marrying a software engineer.

In that regards, I’m able to show my participants what happens when they follow successful steps to blogging and finding those readers that will bring then more.


We all want them and we all need them, but understanding how to get them is very important

This was my day and I was very involved, despite being tired. I love teaching !  (Check out the album link below)



If you’d love to have me teach a workshop for you, please contact me. 

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