Happy Mother’s Day Week WHERE ARE YOU “STUCK” RIGHT NOW IN YOUR AUTHOR CAREER QUESTION AND ANSWER SERIES: Help me. I’m Right between a full time job and a toddler? #sylLit #sylTips


We’re starting this series as a way to get into the grind of authoring.

A lot of people have been asking me how do I do the things I do and I find that I can easily answer questions in a simply disturbing way. Disturbing more for me than anyone else because I actually know the answer to their question.

Initial Dilemma:

I’m Right between a full-time job and a toddler

My Answer:

I feel you. I had three small children when I started writing and it was so difficult trying to write a love scene while dealing with them. It wasn’t that I didn’t love them. I did. I loved being a mom. but I loved being a writer even more and I felt awful for feeling like that for a while…. and then my mom told me the best advice. “Raise your children around your life, not wrap yourself around your children’s life.” It’s an odd piece of advice, yet little by little I started showing them I did love writing, but I still could be a good mom and if they loved me like I loved them, they respected my writing time…

I also found a job that wasn’t so brain draining but helped me pay my life benefits, like water, gas, lights, health bills, and even put some away for retirement. Yeah, there were days I wanted to walk away from being a mom and once I did when I had a nervous breakdown and if it hadn’t been for my own mom, I’d had really checked out on life, but I got back on the horse and kept mommying, kept writing and kept working.

I taught them sign language so they wouldn’t cry, I taught them patience until I was done the writing. I taught them how to act in public and endure book signings, writing meetings and being at book fairs so we could make some money, I could enrich myself and make their lives better. Honestly, it’s never gonna get easy, but the journey’s going to get a little comfortable once you learn this advice.

This is your business. So go do it! Success will come.

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