WHERE ARE YOU “STUCK” RIGHT NOW IN YOUR AUTHOR CAREER QUESTION AND ANSWER SERIES: How to I get more sales and do more marketing? #sylLit #sylTips


We’re starting this series as a way to get into the grind of authoring.

A lot of people have been asking me how do I do the things I do and I find that I can easily answer questions in a simply disturbing way. Disturbing more for me than anyone else because I actually know the answer to their question.

Here’s is the first. Enjoy!

Initial answer:

That’s pretty broad to address. Try one new marketing each week and journal the success. See what works for you and what doesn’t and then four weeks after, go to the one that worked again. if you get the same results, do it again. if it doesn’t go to the next one. there are hundreds of millions of marketing ideas for authors out there. Start at Amazon’s free book marketing section for authors and then go from there. Most of them take less than ten minutes to set up.

Additional Answer:

Always make time to learn about new selling techniques. Not just from bookselling, but online sales techniques, or even toy selling techniques. Integrate that into your selling and marketing. Also, learn about your audience and what they want to hear so they may buy and support you. Join author networks, writing groups – online and offline.

This is your business. So go do it! Success will come.

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