#NationalGrammarDay – To celebrate @grammarly made me feel really good today #QueenOfWords #WritersLife

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I’ve been using Grammarly for a while and it’s wonderful to my social media and my own writing, where I’ve been able to correct myself on silly mistakes I’ve made.

Now they’ve sent me an email to let me know I’m doing something, even when it feels like I’m doing nothing.

Either they’re trying to make me feel like a Queen of Words or not a lot of people were writing lately or using their Grammarly.

Either way, Grammarly then topped those stats by saying this

On top of that, they put it in purple. My favorite color.

I’ll take what I can get and I hope to do better as always.

Check out Grammarly for yourself, by clicking here. Let’s compare your stats in the comments.


Grammarly Logo

Happy National Grammar Day!

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