Happy New Year Post WHERE ARE YOU “STUCK” RIGHT NOW IN YOUR AUTHOR CAREER QUESTION AND ANSWER SERIES: when will my low paying side gig become my main financial gig? #sylLit #sylTips


We’re starting this series as a way to get into the grind of authoring.

A lot of people have been asking me how do I do the things I do and I find that I can easily answer questions in a simply disturbing way. Disturbing more for me than anyone else because I actually know the answer to their question.


I’ve been writing short stories and novels for 22 years. I’ve traditionally published both, but I can’t seem to make a living at it. I’ve been trying the self-publishing game now for about a year and a half. Not making much headway there either.

I don’t plan on giving up, but it does get a little depressing sometimes wonder of my writing is ever going to take me to the next level, meaning that “novelist” is now my occupation and not just a low paying side gig.


Initial answer:

since I can’t even predict my future, I can’t really answer this one., but I have felt the lows of self-publishing. I’ve done 40 indie books, but I can sit back and say it bought me a house. I was making 20K at a benefit job and for three years in a row, I made over 15K in writing. I used that money when I became homeless and bought my family a down payment on a new house. I still work a benefit job, but I’m planning on retiring in seven years, so I’ve accessed that I need to make so much in book sales every month in order to provide for myself. Just keep working. Just keep promoting and most of all, keep writing. And I’ve been writing since 2000.

This is your business. So go do it! Success will come.

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