#wip #BlacksInnocence #writersLife Update | What do you do?#SylLit

Still busy writing, figuring out the ending. 💻Thought I had it figured out but then Blaque started bothering me. What’s her diabolical plan? Her over all goal 👍she wants to achieve?

To fulfill her father’s plan, yet she really 💝 loves her brother, King. 👑

True she’s not a real player in the story, but her influence in any story 📝is so strong you can’t but to be worried.😣

That’s me,right now. Worried over Blaque’s power. 😯

She’s coming like a tsunami ☔ and the winds of change is a’coming for the Hearts. 💜

I hope to be posting by tomorrow. As always sorry for the delay ⏰ and I appreciate all your support.

Xoxo #Sneakreaders are awesome

If you haven’t started reading my current work in progress, check out the link below.


2 thoughts on “#wip #BlacksInnocence #writersLife Update | What do you do?#SylLit

  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Renée and commented:
    Sylvia, i pray that you figure out the way to end soon. This has heen very interesting story to this point. I’m anxious to read how the “love” triangle plays out. And, I’m dying to know exactly how Shadow will benefit/gain her freedom with Laura’s help. There are so many unanswered questions? It may call for another book. 😎

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