My Christmas Movie Recommendation: Holiday in Handcuffs.

About six years ago, I was a little bored and the ABC Family Channel made their content available online.

I didn’t have cable so I was always searching for online content that Netflix couldn’t offer back then. (Amazing what just a few years do with technology. Now almost everything can be found online.)

Back then, I stumbled across this movie:

Holiday in Handcuffs.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of either actor but I wanted to entertain myself while I was writing. Oddly in order for me to write I need a TV and radio going, yet they have to be entertaining.

The plot was silly and predictable, but it was well played out and the twist – or how everything is figured out at the end was sappy but awesome.

I highly recommend this movie!

Click here to order a copy but you might have to go to ABC Family to find it on digital.

PS… Don’t go searching for it Youtube because those just lead you to other sites. I don’t trust them.


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