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This is what I’m doing when I’m supposed to be working on my current book, Betrayed.

Another story came to me and I just had to put the cover together. (Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, #mademynight).


About the book:

In exchange for her hand in marriage, Sophie Oleander gets the money to pay off her father’s debts but has to live a life secluded with a man she met on her wedding day. She knows her husband doesn’t love her and just needs to use her, but sacrificing her life is only a penance for the wrongs she has done in her past.

Nixon Woods is a very private man due to his own personal health issue, who have suffered in silence and as his lineage dwindles due to Cystic Fibrosis prevalent in his mother’s side of the family, he decides he will not watch his children have the possibility of having the disease.

Other than manipulating his DNA, he decides to marry an African American woman. Although he’s never been attracted to the race, he decides for five years he will give the mother of his child his last name and then afterward they can divorce and she can live comfortably in return giving up custody of her child to him.

Yet, the woman who finally agrees to be his wife despite what she sees of him, he knows the next five years will be the worst time of his life.

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