Thank you to all my #SneakReaders! for your Ravenous Support and Buying! Now Let’s THUNDERCLAP! #writerslife #WritingWednesday

OmG! I’m having fun at Ravenous and seeing your notes to me.

I do hope you love the ending and thank you for sticking by me and pressing through as I finished this book. I couldn’t believe how I was able to really see the ending so clearly on this book. I’m going to admit, I was terrified to attempt to finish this book. Chon and Dorian’s was very powerful. I mean I really felt I couldn’t do them justice, but I think I have. I need you as the reader to let me know. Post your reviews on the Amazon Site or on the Ravenous Post here on my blog.

Yes, I’m posting out Betrayed soon and then we’ll be starting Black’s Innocence in between more books to finish.

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