Bestsellers @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

Bestsellers for the month of September @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

I’ve been selling a lot of books lately. I’m going to account that for Ravenous, the recent live story we finished which incorporated over 10 different books.

NOT FREE BOOKS – Site’s Bestseller

The Mysterious Mr. Black
Hope is Love
Tanner’s Devil

The free books are always in the same order

Love Like This
Road to Freedom
Diamond in the Rough


Amazingly, the Kindle Free reads really jumped this month.

A Little Bit of Sin (I even got 14 buys)
Dreams of Reality
Mistaken Identity III


On the site, the Exclusive Read bestseller has been:

Teach Me to Love

And the favorite exclusive free read has been the short story

He Touched Me.

As always I want to thank my readers, fans, and followers for all your support and keep buying, sharing and pushing me to write more books til eternity.

And for all you book addicts, you can kindly refer to me as your dealer. Want more books? Click here! 


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