Ravenous Update for Readers! FINISHED! omg!! Thank you so much #SneakReaders for your encouragement #WritersLife #amwriting

It feels so awesome to hit the end. The see the culmination of the characters coming together and just fitting the pieces in the wedges.

I couldn’t have done it without you guys. The comments, the criticism and the encouragement to bring a good story to life has helped me. Even when you were just coming in and reading and never leaving a comment.

In all, I averaged there were about a 100 readers from my stats but it could’ve been more. Sometimes I don’t think my site or Google Analytics monitors the views from Kindles where my site is on subscription.

It doesn’t matter, it’s really all about the participation you guys too and how that helped me really finish what I started and stayed along the way to keep me going and making sure I stayed on track.

Readers, You really don’t know how much that means to me.

So what’s next…

I’m going to finish off the Ravenous for the subscription readers. You’ll either get the rest of the chapters here on the blog or my Instafreebie.com where you’ll have the link to read it for free. (Even download it to your Kindle or Nook too).

For everyone else, You’ll be given an Amazon Link. FOR A LIMITED TIME, it’ll be on Amazon for just .99cents, but will eventually be raised to $1.99.

And then…

And then I’ll be off on Betrayed. I think I was pretty much almost done. I’m pulling the entire books off of Amazon and Smashwords, so if you’ve not read the beginning, you can go there and get them now. They need a lot of editing, which I’ll be doing and then re-releasing them including the final Book six.

I should let you know now, Beautiful has part of the Cytee Boys story in there.

What do you do while you wait…

There are related books to Ravenous. If you haven’t read them, please take a moment and get them:

Related Books: (characters, places or plots mentioned from other standalone books)

And then you can get ready for the Cytee Boys and read Beautiful

How long do I wait for you to finish wrapping up Ravenous so I can get my hands on it?

September 23 for the Subscribers and October 1st for everyone else, but I’m making a pre-order button on Amazon by September 23.

Thank you for your patience.


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Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Ravenous Update for Readers! FINISHED! omg!! Thank you so much #SneakReaders for your encouragement #WritersLife #amwriting

  1. sylvia i subscribed to the live stories last year right before the first book started. how do i login to read the subscription books? i deleted all of my emails so i don’t have the notification for the books anymore and i am unable to figure out how to access the login on you website.

  2. Now that your completing a Ravenous when will you complete a Murders lover omg so at stuff waiting for more.

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