Reader question: Can’t download your books from @Amazon. Help! #FAQ #Smashwords #SonyReader


Every once in a while I get interesting questions from readers that I know others have so I do answer them and send them back but I also make a blog post out of it.

Need help, have Sony reader, can’t download from Amazon. Help please. .”

Sony Reader

Amazon does roll me a lot of checks so I love giving them content, but I also make my content friendly for most of my books.

Hence, I use Smashwords, which not only has the work but distributes out to other bookstores, including Barnes and Nobles and if I apply an ISBN iBooks and Kobo.

Yet, if you open up an account on Smashwords, sometimes you’ll also get some treats, such as

  • Betrayed (albeit a work in progress)
  • Revenge of Three (for free – Amazon has yet to catch on)
  • I might even put a collection of my short stories on here as well.

Unfortunately, books that are exclusively available on Amazon are

The asterisk * by Dreams of Reality means the book is in paperback and you can purchase it. I will most likely put Wrongly His as well in paperback and have that available too so people who can’t get the e-book can just buy the paperback.

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