The journey to #Beautiful is almost complete. Next stop #bestseller!!! #suspense #BookBaggers #adventure #asmsg

I was rolling in elation as I looked at my box of books. I hadn’t expected them until Monday, but they arrived three days early and I’m just HAPPY!

It’s been a long journey and you’ve been there with me. I appreciate that and I love you for that.

I have so many treats for my Sneakreaders and reviewers. I’m just holding my breath as I wait for what people to start telling me what they think.

Literally, I’m holding my breath!

Calling all #SylLit #SneakReaders! #BookAddicts! Are you ready to leave your #Beautiful #BookReview?

Other good news is I saw my book on Goodreads! It’s listed there already!

Don’t forget… leave your review for your special treat! Limited treats are available if you apply for them.



Thank you in advance!

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Sylvia Hubbard

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