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A lot of people always ask me, “Sylvia, what do you do or how do you remember to do everything?”

I don’t. I’m usually writing it down somewhere. Currently, I have my blog book where I put ideas and thoughts and things I need to do. For this time around, I’ll post a couple of things.

Did you see that last line “a couple of things.

I have about five different promotions going on this month including Mistaken Identity III being knocked down to 99cents and then there’s the book of the month, Stealing Innocence, the short story promo of Innocent Vengeance all the while I’m promoting a book release for next month of Beautiful.

That’s four different stories I have to remember and boy is my brain hurting.

Writers checklist of things I’ve done and things I need to do:

  1. Editing on Chapter 22. About 30 more to go. Had a migraine all weekend.
  2. Find a formatter on Fiverr. Got two in mind, but want to make sure there isn’t another one. I’ll keep you informed.
  3. Get upcoming quote promotions set up on Instagram (hootsuite). I’ve put together some rocking quotes about being beautiful with the cover of the book in the background. I’ll use these again later on as I continue to push the book.
  4. Check on library events and upcoming media appearances to make sure I’m where I’m supposed to be offline. LOL. Would you like me where you are? Contact me. 
  5. Start the blog tour set up… very soon… by the end of the week. Are you interested in hosting me?   Make sure you put your blog link and in the subject line say “Beautiful Book Feature.” Thank you!
  6. Push out another free chapter available promo before the end of the month on the blog. Include it in the newsletter.
  7. Set up newsletter promo and get ready for BOM in July (Silent Lynx) but still put out a BOM reminder for this month as well.
  8. Do a video this month cray cray (that was me talking to me.)

So what’s on your book to do list? That includes readers too.

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