Introduction #cyos

Thank you for being honest. We wouldn’t want to corrupt anyone, right?

If you’ve never played before, A Choose your own adventure game (TM) when we were kids, it was very popular, but nowadays you don’t see hardly any or adults; especially a romance story.

So I decided, why not. I decided this five years ago, but the concept was way too large in my head.

My youngest daughter gave me the secret I knew all the time. KISS (Keep it simple stupid). She relayed the story back as a graphic novel. I might add pictures later on with her help. Kids have to love them!

And that’s how Create Your Romance Night began because we can’t use it the other way due to trademark issues!!!


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This is the first time I’ve done this, and It wasn’t a lot of examples to go from, so if there’s a broken link, please tweet (@SylviaHubbard1) me asap with the link to where it’s broken and the problem. I need to know asap, please. Thank you!

With that said let’s first give instructions, which you MUST follow! DON’T CHEAT!!!!


  • You’ll read the paragraph and choose what you want to choose. It’s really up to you. It’s your adventure.
  • If you get lost, just remember to start over by going to and the book cover will appear there for them to click.
  • You can also send out a status message by copying and pasting this :

    I just tried the Create Your Romance Night by @SylviaHubbard1. You should too:

  • DONT CHEAT by hitting the back button. Once you make a choice you have to stick with it. Kind of like life!!!! REMEMBER DON’T CHEAT. YOU’LL TAKE THE FUN OUT OF ENJOYING THE ADVENTURE!!!

Are you Ready?