Accept Breakfast – Path Seven #cyos

0001-44557141-1Gryphon has an Uber waiting for you two and takes you to a reserved restaurant.

No one else is there, and it’s like his staff is waiting on you hand and foot.

“How’d you do this?” you ask amazed.

He smiles devilishly. “I haven’t had the pleasure of an honest, beautiful woman in a long time and I’m hoping by the end of breakfast you’ll agree to see more of me.

You ask him, “Why were you at the bar last night? Do you regularly pick up good honest women around town at seedy locations.”

He responds. “I was there finalizing the bar in a sale. It’s my fifth one I’ve acquired in the city, and I plan to renovate and upscale the place to a lucrative running operation in the next year. As soon as you walked in, you caught my eye, and I would love to get to know you better not just in bed, but out of bed.”

Looking around and then looking at him.

You smile.

Maybe dinner would not be so bad with Gryphon Frost.

Maybe it could lead to more.