What happened? … It’s broked-ed… #MyLaptop #FriedDiedLaidToTheSide #amWriting – NOT! #Beautiful

20160831_072050So  a funny thing happened on the way to finishing the LAST CHAPTER of my book.

My laptop died. I mean when I say died, I mean it died like it won’t come back to life EVAH!

I was relieved I had most of my work on a flash drive, but without a laptop, I was SOL.

Mind you I’m in an accelerated IT computer course and I’m also a social media manager.

So when I say I needed my computer… I needed a computer.

Unfortunately computers don’t just grow on trees.

I had a pretty good month in book sale recently so that was kinda good in facilitating Amazon’s awesomeness in getting the laptop to me right away. (I love my Prime) !


Four horrible days without a laptop, using everything from my laptop to turning to my Kindle as a wordprocessor.

I was frustrated and about to do.

Yet, I survived and I swear you will too.

Without further ado, I show you Lupa3. She’s “chocolate black.” I don’t know what that means but it sounds sexy.




Now I gotta spend all next week doing one thing… catching up!!! Pray with me.! I’ll catch up and posy out the new story soon.

thank you so much for your patience.