La Revanche des Trois NEW COVER…Help make #RevengeOfThree on @AmazonKindle Free!Protest! #amreading #SneakReaders




Please make a complaint about the price being free on other sites for me…

Unfortunately, Amazon Kindle doesn’t give me the free option because I’m an independent publisher, so I’m asking for your help.

I need you to protest the price at Amazon for me and let them know it’s free at another site. The more protest, the faster it will be available for free.


Click this link HERE. Scroll down to the Product Description and then click on the last sentence which should read, “tell us about a lower price.”

This box should pop up:


You want to put in this URL:

Thanks in advance for your help on this…

There will be an update on the book in Smashwords as well and through all the distribution systems too. (iBooks, B&N, Kobo and so forth as well. I didn’t leave anyone out.)

and there will be more updates to come.