20 things most people dont know about me part2 #michlit @sylviahubbard1


I did the first 10 in this link and then to get myself comfortable to do major periscope I decided to do all of them in a video while also answering viewers questions.

Check out the video now loaded at YouTube channel because periscope only keeps video for 48 hours.

Want to read the first 10?


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2 thoughts on “20 things most people dont know about me part2 #michlit @sylviahubbard1

  1. I watched your video. It was funny, you did a lot of laughing. Lol but that’s cool. It makes the videos interesting and not boring. We were talking about your periscope and thn I turn around and miss it. How did that happen. Lol but I will subscribe from now, so I’m notified when ur on.. 😊

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