What Kind of Reader Are You? #amreading #GettingToKnowReaders

Now that you know a little about me from my bio posted, I’d love to know are you are straight romance kinda reader with a little drama thrown in or do you like the suspense where the protagonist is in mortal danger or time is of the essence before their world is being crushed all the while the main protagonists are falling in love even though their lives are crumbling around the them?

I write the latter. I love danger, mayhem and usually really do try to put my main characters in mortal danger. Not just to keep the story going, but what’s a little love with a real life threatening fight to it?

So which one are you?

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8 thoughts on “What Kind of Reader Are You? #amreading #GettingToKnowReaders

  1. Definitely Romantic Suspense, but I like for the creation/building/bonding of the relationship between the H/h to be part of the suspense. All too often, the H/h get together before…or near the end of the drama, and the reader is just supposed to accept it. All the reader sees is lots of smexy scenes, but never anything to prove the relationship worthy or sustainable outside the bedroom. End rant. LMAO!

    1. lolol… I also like Romantic Suspense and I agree with the building of the relationship to be apart of the story line as well. I also like shape/shifter suspense Romance. Theodora Taylor put me onto that… Ms Sylvia your books are pretty good though, bc you give us some crazy twist and turns and unthinkable, questionable story lines, that make you go hmmm and I love it. haha. And last but not least I enjoy just good down home romance, a sweet little story here and there…

      1. YES, amariet83! A good, sweet romance – no drama, no stepbrothers, no billionaires, no lupine DNA yearning to break free, no sexual secrets or kinks…um, okay, maybe one or two of those – LMAO!!

        Okay, I’m leaving! LOL!

      2. ROTFL lololol @Felcia girl ur hilarious. Lol @ “no lupine DNA yearning to break free” lol…. But it’s true though. A little break sometimes from the extraness is good for the soul. Lol

      3. Whew! I’m glad you allow “some” kinks cuz I’m good for that, especially with the guys, @Felicia. Gurl I had to go look up the lupine thing. You blew me away with that one, but I think I understand what you meant. I love my readers. YOu guys are soo durn smart

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