Just joining us for #TwoWaysToPleasure? Trying to join us? Plus Questions from Readers #amwriting #amreading #livestory

Of course as I write, publish and promote, I get a flurry of questions from people.

This post is to kinda help you guys out and to stop myself from repetitious typing over and over again the same answer to people.

First, thank you for subscribing to the site. I now have 12,000 people I send out to.

Secondly, special thanks to my SneakReaders sharing my posts, getting more people in the site and sharing me on your blog or social network. I’m honored you like my writing and me to put me out there in front of your viewers and followers.

If you are just joining us on the The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard, but don’t know where to start, I’d say really just pick up any book and in that book if you find a character other than the main characters and looking to see if they have a story, go to the fiction book pages.


Here all my books are listed in alphabetical order. You can find what you’re looking there.

If SneakReaders are reading this and you can suggest a good book you’ve read from me, please do so in the comments. Thanks

If you are here to read Two Ways To Pleasure and join the live story for 2016, then you’re in luck. I just updated the initial post just for you and also the readers who are subscribe and want to go back but don’t want to get lost. I made a special post for the story so you can catch up. All you need is the passwords to access each of them and away you go.


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This post isn’t password protected and will be updated whenever there are new chapters, just in case you take a week off. Keep this in mind and you can easily get caught up.

I had two questions offline from readers I should answer online.

1st Question:

How do you make time to type every day to come up with the next chapter?

I just do. I usually try to type early in the morning and stay a chapter ahead of what I’m doing. That way on the day the chapter is to be posted, I have time to go back, re-edit that chapter and then post.

In the beginning of this process there were a lot of mistakes. There are still mistakes but they’ve lessen quite a bit.

2nd Question:

Will these books be available on Amazon? Or at least in paperback?

These books will never be available electronically except on this site, but there will be paperback versions available hopefully by 2017 wherever books are sold.

4 thoughts on “Just joining us for #TwoWaysToPleasure? Trying to join us? Plus Questions from Readers #amwriting #amreading #livestory

  1. HI all, Some of my favorite books that I would recommend are “Hope is Love” bc it has soo many characters from other books in it. I love that, it makes the book really good. Also “Dark Facade” series. Whew that is a crazy but GOOD series. It goes through all your emotions lol.. The “Mistaken Identity” books a “Stealing Innocence” and last but not least is “Stones Revenge” it’s always stones way or no way. Lol these are just a few of my faves.. Just read all the books if you can. Lol

    1. Hi amariet83, My all time favorite is Wicked Chances. I read that book when I am having Sylvia Hubbard withdrawals. But I do love all her books and have read majority of the her books more than once.

      1. it’s funny how Wicked Chances just burst from me. It’s one of those books that appeared and was already done before I even started. Kinda like Tanner’s Devil, Deceptive Nights and Stealing Innocence. I love that book too.

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