What #WorkInProgress Are You Most Looking forward too? New WIP’s posted #amreading #amwriting

In the upcoming year, there are not only the live stories that are coming, but also other books as well.

I’d love to hear which one you’d like most to read.

The following are books that are set to preview in the live story that I’m working on. To subscribe to read for 2016, please go to:


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Two new WIP’s just added:


(tentative title)

Alone… Pregnant… And About to Be Murdered…

troubleWithGabrielleA one night stand a mysterious man and four months later Gabrielle Payne is unhoused and pregnant.

When things are at the worst, she finds out her mysterious man, Oliver Farnsworth, was murdered and very wealthy with no heir to claim the fortune his mother left him.

Gabrielle decides to reveal her secret and ask for just “a little help.” She is taken in by Oliver’s step mother, Nareen McGee.

The old house of Oliver Farnsworth is larger than any place she’s ever been, but she starts to see things are not what they seem. And she starts to find out several things in the two short weeks that she stays there:

  • Oliver Farnsworth was murdered by poison, but his murderer was never found.
  • He has a twin brother, who lives outside of the state and is on the outs with his family.
  • The step mother is greedy and is lying about how happy she is about the Gabrielle’s pregnancy.

and lastly….

  • The step mother plans to kill her to gain the fortune Oliver Farnsworth left.

With no place to go, what’s a woman to do?

DarkRegrets-BlackFamilySeriesDark Regrets

To find out she’s the half-sister of Phillipe Darkore (Dark Facade), a millionaire in Detroit and her father doesn’t even want to recognize her, Cerise tries to expose the secret organization that she felt mind raped her mother. When blackmail doesn’t work, she threatens to contact Sharlie Costello, a pulitizer prize newspaper reporter that would love to ruin any millionaire in the City of Detroit.

Cerise Beryl Darkore felt her mother’s innocence was taken advantage of and she was hell bent on exposing the truth about the secret organization until Phillipe who will stop at nothing to keep the organization a secret, hires Phelix Black (The Black Family Series) to “distract” Cerise.

She really needs money to hold on to the house and property her mother left her and Phelix can give it to her, if she submits to being his for one year. And if she agrees to his term for the rest of her life, he would supply her with whatever she pleases.

Yet, his terms are providing him with a child and being a mother to that child, but she must give up her guardianship of the child and never reveal she is the mother to the child. Plus, under no circumstance can she reveal anything about the organization.

Cerise wants the house, but she wants to stay true to her revenge for her mother. Phelix Black has strangely lustful proclivities she doesn’t know she can handle. He’s a Black to the bone and puts all his insane cards out on the table. Take it or leave it, he says. Disobedience won’t be tolerated and Phelix is smarter than she assumes.

Cerise is determined to have her cake and eat it too, but at what cost? Her body she can give, but her life and soon her heart could be jeopardized as well.

I want to thank designsbyrachelle.com for The Trouble With Gabrielle cover and Author Muneca P Smith for Dark Regrets cover.

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17 thoughts on “What #WorkInProgress Are You Most Looking forward too? New WIP’s posted #amreading #amwriting

  1. Hi Ms. Sylvia,
    Now, you know I’m a fan. I can’t wait to read the new stories, especially Dark Regrets. I can’t wait to catch up with Phillipe, Sharlie Costello, and Phelix Black too. I would like to see the stories p.s. Lethal Heart, Onyx Heart, King Heart, and let’s not forget the Shadow. Most of all I would like to know the story of the Shadow since she is in most of the other stories helping others. Her background I’m sure is pretty intriguing. I always thought Onyx was her mouth, but then again, one never knows when it comes to you, Ms Sylvia and trying to figure out your characters. Well, I better stop now because there are many more stories I would like to see but I’ll save some for later…..

  2. Oh I’m excited for these new books, but for the life of me I can’t figure out which Black Series book Phelix is in and I went searching. Lol… I would love to have a book update on that King and Paradise. I remember when he almost caught her, I was instantly hooked.. I would also love the rest of Emperors story, the finishing story for Betrayed and also like @stephaniebartley1 the story on Shadow. I never thought Onyx could be her mom I used to thing is was The reporter Sharlise Costello but with you being the writer Ms Sylvie, you just never know Lolol 🙂

    1. Hi amariet83,
      I can’t remember if he was mentioned in The Mysterious Mr. Black, La-revanche des-trois: Revenge of Three, on an online story. But, I know it was one. I only said Onyx, because I vaguely remember something about a child be mentioned when it came to her. I do remember Sharlise having a child, but I thought that child was for one of the Bellini’s. I don’t remember her being ruthless enough to have a child as clever and as ruthless as Shadow. But, I could be wrong. You know how Ms. Sylvia is. I would like to see the rest of Emperor’s story and Betrayed too. I didn’t want to make my list too long….

      1. And you are correct about Shadow not being Sharlie Costello’s child although Sharlie did raise Shadow before the child ran away from home. Sharlie does have a child that has to do with the Bellini’s but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms to open up

    2. Phelix is never mentioned by name but I did indicate, although I’m not sure which book (I’m going to guess Hope Is Love) where Ethan or James mentions about the “other side” of the family. As you can see each of those Black brothers have some sort of problem so It’s going to be interesting to see what problems Phelix has

      1. Aah yes, I do thinking I remember a mention of other family.. Ok yes I’m excited for that book.. I love when other characters are brought back in.. Not just the Heart clan. Lol

    1. Hey @Edan-Kane Soledad I would also love to read “The Other Side of Love”. Last year sometime, I took my time 1day and went waaaay back all through Ms Sylvia’s website to when she had previously posted a short read of that book and it was soo good. That read was from years ago. Lol that’s how far back I went. But that was the last time I’ve read about that story, THOUGH he has since popped up in other books alive and kicking. Lol… Either way I would love that book..

      1. I’d love to read that book too. The ending melted in the fire.grrr. I’m trying to get the mojo back cuz I need Armando soon and that storyline complete

  3. I went back through Emperors Addiction looking for info on Deamon and I noticed that Em said that Sharlie Costello was prego by him a long time ago, but bc he cheated on her with her assistance, she went and had an abortion to be done with anything having to do with Emperor. ….Hmmm so did she have another child with a Bellini after?? when it’s time for that story line, it was def be good…

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