#TannersDevil going to Print… How I did my cover for $5 on @Fiverr

Get Your Copy Anywhere In The World 


Getting a cover produced these days is no joke.

And that’s why I’ve been reluctant to go to paperback on most of my novels, but then I found Fiverr.

OMG! I can’t begin to go into how I love this site and how it’s actually gotten me back on the marketing and promoting horse, not only for myself but for others as well.

I never want to reinvent the wheel.

I just want to make the wheel work for me.

So when I’m going around and looking to see how these “other authors” are doing it big with little to no money, I thought, well, hell, so I can I and when I had five dollars to spare (thx SneakReaders), I said let’s go for it.

19c8f-tanners-devil-kyI already had the cover for Tanner’s Devil from another artist so all I needed was the wrap around pdf to upload to Createspace.com as a 6×9.

I found DesignMasterr, who albeit is out of state, I must say produced in less than 24 hours a great cover for Tanner’s Devil for the price I paid. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEAL I USED


Now you professionals will go in and critique it and say it’s not this or that, but for $5 bucks when y’all don’t have three other mouths to feed… omg! Can you say: I now buy more rice, bread and a gallon of milk this week?

And now the final cover reveal … as if I haven’t talked about it already on social media


How do you like it? What are your feelings toward it? I would love to know what you think? You see he used the pearls and the city background. AwesomeSauce! He also matched the same coloring and font of the original cover to the back cover and spine. Triple AwesomeSauce.

Somebody’s doing a happy dance… please join in right now…. bump bump bump bump.

I’m ordering proofs right now and if you’re interested in ordering a copy, give it a week. (Another post will be coming).

Psst…hint hint hint… these make awesome Christmas presents!

Get Your Copy Anywhere In The World 


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