I hate when real life gets in the way of my fiction life…#amwriting #authorsnote #wip #ravenous

author comment left on wattpad for my readers:

offline my life is complicated. no reason to keep you hanging, but with an unexpected bill, sistah girl had to kill herself to pay off debt in a hurry and with low book sales recently, I’ve been a struggling sistah.
With that, I had to hustle and flow, along with doing some momma magic to get my life offline together, so I could write online. ugh… I hate financials. I hate monthly bills. I just want to write. anyhoo… I was able to get chapter 21 together, so enjoy

Even though the fire happened in 2013, I’m still being affected by it financially.

Since then, book sales have plummet because I did little to no marketing in almost two years, which is now taking a toll financially…ugh…

But also passed medical bills that incurred, along with someone trying to steal my identity during all this to buy a car is driving me batty as well.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve never financed a car in my life and yet someone tried. It was a caught in time, but it’s just a pain in the butt.

With tax time rolling through as well, you can guess where a sister girl’s nose was during the last two weeks.

My son’s also getting ready to graduate and I want to make sure I stay connected with him, plus the 13 year old is graduating from 8th to the 9th grade.

Any woman knows that’s a big step in a girl’s life.

I want to make the best decisions, but I also would just rather write.

Speaking of Writing…


I finished my first real love scene in Ravenous. Dorian is changing. I can feel him. I know that’s good, but Chon hasn’t seen it yet, but she will. She will soon understand her true power over him once she let’s go of the past.

That’s how it always is in life.

Now that I’ve handled my offline situation, I’m hoping I can pay more attention to my writing life. Fiction is always so much better than real life. Don’t you think.

BTW, we’re almost at 50,000 words. I think that’s amazing. I think we’re going to be just fine and that this is going to make a great book.

Chapter 21 will be posted tonight. Doing a quick word check and then I’m going to post away.

Thank you for your patience


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  1. Will you ever write Lethal’s story? And a continuation of Emperor’s Addiction?

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