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Will try to post Chapter 4 about eleven am or noon. Want to make sure you guys get your morning fill of Ravenous. 🙂 Please let me know how I’m doing and don’t forget to share the story.

Also if you are reading on your phone, get the app so you can be notified of updates instantly when the story is ready.

Someone asked why wasn’t I doing the book on my website like I usually do.

Answer: Wattpad has new readers which I’m always in need of and it has better functionality when it comes to garnering them, plus it serves as a better place to copyright my material.

And it’s funner! (Not a word, I know.)

Another asked: In Chapter 3, what happened to her? Oh Gawd, Sylvia don’t tell me she was raped. I don’t know if I can continue to read if she was date raped.


That would be telling the story and I don’t know how to describe what happened to her with Austin.

I will tell you Chapter 4 starts off the next day when she wakes up so you and Chon will be wondering the same thing as well.

I know that did not answer the question or help quell your worries, but as a writer of a live story, sometimes, I can’t look around those corners in my mind until it’s time.

Just like the reader, I like surprises too.

Keeps me motivated to write the story, so I can’t answer the question without sacrificing the motivation I’ve been trying to find the whole year. Please bare with me and I hope you continue to enjoy this journey with me because even I don’t know where it might lead.

I’d like to wave hi to the new readers and of course my Sneakreaders (you know who you are!!). I’d also like to wave to the Goodread readers as well. I was shocked when I looked at my stats to see traffic coming from there. Wow! That’s awesome.

Currently we’re up to over 400 reads on Wattpad. Looking forward to more and I really do hope you share with others.

Come on, Sylvia Hubbard, hasn’t shared a live story in a while. Don’t you want something to share at the water cooler at work? LOL.

Note to all the Sneakreaders, no getting in trouble at work and please no more dropping phones in the toilet. I feel bad enough you have to sneak to read my work…okay, not that bad. And no cooking while reading and especially no driving while reading (you know who you are).

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