Dark Facade: Let the Party Begin

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Dark Facade

“He is so damn cute!” Lisa said, dreamily staring at the screen of a slightly tanned white man with the widest smile.

Just getting into the office, Maxine sighed, not really wanting to listen to her co-worker’s machinations all day of cute guys. Lisa put work second and her personal life first, which was why Maxine ended up finishing projects Lisa was supposed to complete.

Maxine hadn’t had her coffee and a migraine was on the brink of overtaking her whole face.

Sighing in anxiety as she was highly irritated by all the work Lisa should have been doing, Maxine bit back her consternation and turned her attention on Lisa’s screen. Maxine wrinkled her nose at the screen, not really taking a good look, but just accessing the fact that this was a white man. She was never into white guys, but heck, it was a free country and Lisa…

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