Character Profile of Parker from His Substitute Wife . . . My Sister, by Sylvia Hubbard

Great character breakdown I wrote on Parker frm his substitute wife featured here.

Words, Words, Words

How 3 women can want one man? Meet Parker from His Substitute Wife… My Sister


Who is Parker? (Character Breakdown)

Originally Parker came from Love Like This. If you remember, he part owner in Nicole Black’s (main female protagonist) laundry business.
In most novels, I never really explore my male protagonist.

Other than William Stone, in Stone’s Revenge, the man just popped in the picture – handsome, self-sufficient and ready /not ready for love.

In Parker’s case, he was ready for love, but he looked in the wrong place and ended up with Chyna.

His past is filled with insecurities about his looks. Although Chyna was the wrong woman for him, she knew exactly what to do to clean him up. From his bad hair, bad teeth and bad skin, Chyna made Parker into a very handsome man. Of course pushing him in the gym got his body…

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