Sylvia’s Literary BlogSpot Feature & Follow Friday #192

It’s time for Feature and Follow Friday!

I would like to thank Alison Can Read and for choosing me as a feature!! I hope I do this right because it’s my first time and this feature is just the coolest thing!


Here is the week’s question: Spring is in the air! Show off your favorite outdoors reading spot. If you don’t go outside…well where else do you read that isn’t inside your house? We want pics!

I’m not an outside person, because I’d become too distracted if I went outside so I choose the solace of some place quiet I feel comfortable.

Home is my comfort zone and I can take my shoes off too. spot
Across from my desk (where I write) in my office I have these huge pillow like couches that are firm, but comfortable. Mostly used as some place people who come in my office can sit, I love to curl up on them and just relax with my Kindle or a book.

They were donated to me and the kids didn’t want them. They were awkward looking in my living, so I took them too my office. We’ve been in love since. Plus they’re purple and that’s my favorite color!!

Interview Questions:

When did you start blogging? It was 2009. I know this because that’s when I released my book Mistaken Identity. I blogged the book live in two weeks. It was great!! Didn’t stop blogging and then I started featuring books and authors on my site! Loved the feedback! Really love the traffic and I just love to blog!

What is your favorite part of book blogging? Pushing publish on a blog post that features a book. It’s like I’m introducing the world to what’s new, what’s hot, what’s great. I just love books and showing them off.

What type of books do you mainly blog about? Romance and suspense. I love showcasing love and the thrill of life and those unpredicatable “what if” situations.

What is your favorite book(s)? When the character has more than just the romance happening to them. When there is not only love on the line, but her life or family or even worse. I feel connected to the character then because it feels a like like my life (except my life is never is jeopardy… although I do live in Detroit. LOL)

What has been the best thing that has happened to you because of book blogging? Readers emailing me and telling me what a great book I recommended or getting a lot of retweets on just one post by readers!

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  1. Aww this is nice. Haha. I Love ur purple chair. It def looks cozy. No wonder you give us such great reads, bc ur writing on that comfy couch. 🙂

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