How to get files frm #Smashwords on Your #Kindle – #amreading #mobi #pdf

Everyone with an Amazon Kindle has the dilemma of “Do I just buy from Amazon? should I miss those awesome freebies by authors on #Smashwords?

Well you don’t have to.

There is a way to get the files from #Smashwords to your Kindle in less than five seconds. (Although that does depend on your download time.)

mrblackFirst, choose a book from #Smashwords. Let’s take an example of my book The Mysterious Mr. Black (shameless promotion), which readers can only get from #Smashwords.

NEWBIE TIP: (If you’ve never tried this before) Get the pdf instead of the mobi. For some reason it sends better and takes up less room in your cloud account. (That could be a matter of MY opinion though, but files are different and tricky, so I know the pdf works 100% of the time opening on the Kindle than the mobi files I’ve gotten from Smashwords.)

The downside of this is sometimes the “Play to Listen” Function won’t work, but if you send it in .Mobi this function will come on mostly all the time on the Kindle.

It’s completely up to you!


First click the link or picture to go directly to the page with The Mysterious Mr. Black.

Now find the file you want to choose. Like I said, you can do pdf or mobi. I’ve circled the area where you can file either file.


Once you click, a box will come up. SAVE the file.


Once you save your file, follow the second set of instructions below by referring to this picture…

MysteriousSmashwords4To Email your file to your kindle

1. Add your Kindle’s private email address in the TO line. This can be found in “My Account” under settings ON YOUR KINDLE. (I blurred mine out as you can see cuz it’s kinda private, okay).

2. Don’t put a subject line and then attach the file to the email.

3. Don’t put anything in the post spot. Not even your signature line. This should be completely blank.

4. Send the file.

And in real time the file arrived on my Kindle in seconds. Two seconds to be exact.

And that’s pretty much it! Really.

Now you can download other books on my #Smashwords page that you don’t have on your Amazon Kindle right now! CLICK BELOW


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