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#Betrayed Book One Part THREE is finally here! @AmazonKindle & #Smashwords. @NookBN coming soon! #CityBoys #amreading, plus other book updates

It’s here and thank you for your wait.

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As we go into Betrayed – Book One Part Three (City Boys Series) Jordyn comes to the realization she cannot turn back and she must dive into getting revenge.

She resolves she will not have the love she thought, the life she thought and will forever have to pay for every horrible deed she has done for the rest of her lonesome life.

Yet, hope springs eternal and possibilities are growing, but will she be able to fight her addiction to Jackson knowing to be with him is forbidden.

This is the third installment of The City Boys Series of Betrayed Book One. An urban romance suspense where revenge is a dish best served cold.

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 I look forward to your thoughts on the book.

Now if you’re looking for the second installment of Emperor’s Addiction, which will be named Emperor’s Heart, I just purchased a new laptop.

Thanks for your support to my literary endeavors because you made it possible to do this and that’s no easy feat. I was struggling on Google drive because I couldn’t get to any of my books at one point.

Needless to say, I’m not disappointed with typing a book on Google Drive. It’s been awesome working with Betrayed on A very different experience and I might even do a video about it.

I was even able to figure out how to use Microsoft Word on the device.

Anyhoo, now that I can get to the second half of the book with the new laptop, I shold be able to pump that baby out by March. (Lawd willing and the creek don’t rise.)

writing wednesday his substitute wife my sister

If you haven’t gotten the second part of His Substitute Wife… My Sister, it’s out and ready. Just type in your reading device and it should pop up!

The paperbacks should be done by mid-February.

Oh kay, back to Betrayed. Here’s the links to Book One Part Three. Thanks again!!

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