Betrayed: Book One Part One … #LiveStory Ready for download #amreading

Girl_writes_3I’m not going over the rules of the live story concept which we’ve been doing on the site since 2009.

Click here for the live story concept. The bodily harm threats still apply. (hint hint to the readers. they know who the are.)

the only difference from the old instructions is that the books are down available for download in parts. Instead of doing a chapter a day, I’ll do parts weekly.

First part is ready for you now.


Betrayed: Book One-Part One

She’ll learn… In the game of revenge, no one wins. Book One: Part One of Betrayed, the City Boys Series Less
Jordyn finds out her past isn’t the truth and that she’s been living a lie. Doing the only thing that will keep her sanity, she leaves her family and strikes out on her own, trying to live an honest life.Yet, when her family seeks revenge and she is joined in the fight to get it, she finds, sometimes one has to leave the past where it should stay – buried.As more and more secrets come to light, Jordyn is sucked back into her old world, where getting everything means losing everything.Book One: Part One of Betrayed, the City Boys Series

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Everyone else with all other kinds of readers can get the version at Smashwords

Available formats:  epub,  mobi,  pdf,  lrf,  pdb

At the time of writing this post, the books were still conversion, so I don’t know if it will be available at Nook or other places. I could be really good and just go upload it over at the Nook couldn’t I.

If I get a enough people asking, I will.

If you don’t see the books in the store yet, just keep hitting refresh or you might have to do a manual search on amazon. (You could just subscribe to my page there as well for updates when the book is ready.) When I can get the link to the direct page, I will add it in the comments here, so make a comment and subscribe.

I would love your comments about the book, so please feel free and let me know what you think. More comments, the faster I write.

Just say something so I know you’re reading or there. Like a reader roll call. Shout your location out for other readers to know as well.

thanks in advance for supporting my literary endeavors.